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Opportunity Name: OASIS+: GSA's Next Generation Multi-Agency IDIQ Services Contract (The NEW OASIS: Previously known as BIC-MAC and then Services MAC)

Solicitation Number: 47 QRCA 21N 0001

Agency: General Services Administration (GSA)

Sub-Agency: Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories

The General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Services’ Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories has a requirement for a new, broader, and more flexible next-generation services Best-in-Class Multi-Agency Contract to better meet the federal acquisition community's procurement needs for complex services. This contract is planned to replace the One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) acquisition vehicle. This IDIQ, Multiple Award Contract will be known as OASIS+.
Financial Considerations
Contract Value:


Solicitation Number:

47 QRCA 21N 001


Q1 FY2023

Solicitation Date:

Q2 FY2023

Award Date:

Q1 FY2024


NAICS Codes To Be Supplied


Per Services MAC Domain

Competition Type:Small Business - IDIQ

NAICS to be decided per domain during next RFI, Currently 541330

Size Standard:TBD
Contract Term:


Contract Type:

All Types


Points per Clearance Level


Multiple Locations

GARDANT Point of Contact (POC)
Paul Karch


Professional Services and Human Capital Categories (PSHC) is responsible for the strategic leadership, oversight, and management of FAS’s professional services, human capital services, and charge card management programs and contracts. PSHC is a nationwide team of more than 225 employees located in Atlanta, Georgia; Auburn, Washington; Boise, Idaho; Fort Worth, Texas; Michigan; New York, New York, Washington D.C. and several remote locations.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is developing a new indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) best-in-class (BIC) multi-agency contract (MAC) contract program to support federal agencies’ procurement requirements for services. GSA’s goal is to establish a BIC MAC that is flexible, can evolve and expand over time, and supports a broad range of mission and service needs through a highly qualified industrial base. Led by the Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories (PSHC) the contract program will be developed with collaborative engagement from federal ordering agencies, industry partners, multiple FAS programs and offices, the Small Business Administration, and other key stakeholders

Federal agency requirements have become increasingly more complex with many services procurements having elements of several categories of spend. Mission requirements are frequently evolving due to changing threats, policies, and the public’s emerging needs for federal agency support. As a result, agencies need and expect GSA to provide easy access to flexible contracts that can change over time and, most importantly, have well qualified contractors that understand their missions.

Industry is now managing far too many contracts, to include those awarded by GSA, driving up acquisition costs that are passed on to federal agency programs. One example of this duplication — for 80% of spend in the professional services category — less than 1,000 contractors are managing nearly 11,000 contracts. Given the historical constraints of federal procurement law, current GWACs and MACs have left many highly qualified contractors – both traditional and new to the federal market – with limited access to most best-in-class contracts driving many agencies to create duplicative contracts to access their core industrial base.

In addition, new procurement authorities given to GSA provides us with a unique opportunity to create a next-generation services MAC that is broader and better addresses federal agencies’ services needs today. GSA FAS Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories began the work in 2020, to develop a services contract that achieves four goals:

  • It delivers a simpler buying experience through a contract program that allows for both commercial and noncommercial services, supporting commodities, all contract pricing types, and primarily uses GSA’s new authority to leverage competition at the task order level to establish price
  • It reduces friction in the procurement process through vetted open enrollment based on agencies needs, thoughtful selection and fair opportunity standards, enhanced systems, and innovative practices
  • It meets best-in-class contract requirements, and improves government oversight and management of spend, contract and subcontract performance, and small business participation
  • It positions the federal government to reduce contract duplication and to achieve significant burden reduction for both government and industry

In terms of how BIC MAC will align with other GSA contract offerings, specifically Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), MAS has a number of streamlined and effective practices that will be incorporated into the acquisition strategy; however, PSHC does not intend to duplicate the Multiple Award Schedule with the BIC MAC. The contract will be complementary to GSA’s other contract offerings, providing needed flexibility and ability for agencies to transition unmanaged spend to a Best In Class, centrally managed contract. Specifically, a large segment of Federal spending is not able to be accommodated via MAS due to the requirement involving:

  • Non-commercial services
  • Cost Reimbursable contract types
  • Integrated services

As such, the above needs represent top priority objectives for the Government’s requirements. PSHC does not intend to limit BIC MAC to these parameters, though; the goal is to provide a flexible, dynamic contract vehicle that can meet the full scope of potential services needed, which may also include commercial and fixed price requirements. How this will relate to other Multiple Award Contracts and Government-Wide Vehicles is still being determined within GSA.

Lastly, GSA would like to clarify any confusion about the name for this contract vehicle. Please note that BIC MAC, B.I.G. MAC, Next Generation Services IDIQ, and all renditions of OASIS 2 (expanded, next gen, etc) are the same contract as the BIC MAC. The final name for this contract has not been decided, and will be referred to as BIC MAC until a name is decided.


Initial Concept Domains:

  • Technical and Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Management and Advisory
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Human Capital
  • Training
  • Facilities
  • Base Operations Support
  • Public Health
  • C4ISR
  • Major Acquisitions
  • Business Administration
  • Legal Social

Incumbent Details

Incumbents would be those who are currently working on OASIS Unrestricted and OASIS Small Business Contract


This solicitation is Replacing the OASIS contract.

Services MAC Estimated Timeline:

  • Second RFI: Late May/Early June
  • Draft RFP: Q3 FY2022
  • Final RFP: Q1 2023